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Around the HORN Baseball Classic

Baseball is back!

We are excited to announce the dates for the Around the Horn 2023! We can't wait to see you on June 22nd- 25th, 2023 at Cleve Borman Field in Yountville, CA.

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Around the HORN Baseball Classic 2022

This is an Archive of 2022

Thank you to all the coaches, players, volunteers, spectators and everyone else that came out to the inaugural Around the HORN Baseball Classic, June 22nd- 25th, 2023 at Cleve Borman Field in Yountville, CA. Your passion, integrity and love for the game is what made this event such a huge success.

The Story

“This weekend, while everyone is focused on the action on the field, we would like to shine a spotlight on you: the fans!

One aspect of baseball that rarely gets the recognition it deserves. Daryl believed a Team is made up of not only the players on the field but the families and friends that sit in the bleachers cheering them on. The spectators and families also hold a crucial role in the team. From the grandparents that drove out of their way, to the little brothers and sisters who gave up their weekends, to the friends showing up to support, Daryl understood how fans had the power to impact the game on the field. He wanted to create a culture of inclusivity that extended beyond the dugout. He would often refer to his team as a “baseball family” because that’s what it meant to be on a team coached by Daryl Horn. We are all a part of this unit working towards the same goal.; to win, sure, but more importantly play some really good baseball.

One example of this was the introduction of the Silva ‘Rally” Plungers for the Napa Little League team Silva Plumbers. Daryl was tired of seeing the parents checking their phones, reading a book, or otherwise getting distracted in the stands. So one year on opening day, Daryl and his coaching staff brought out personalized rally plungers for each family and encouraged the fans to bring them to every game. Soon, there were rally plungers being waved by siblings, parents, and grandparents alike!

It created such a fun atmosphere and you could easily recognize a Silva family by their decorated plunger. Not only did the plungers create a buzz around the Little League Fields, but they also gave the families a role on the team- goofy cheerleaders! As simple as this silly plunger stunt sounds, it perfectly embodied the message/culture Daryl worked so hard to ingrain into his “baseball family.” We are all in this together, and baseball should be fun.

With Daryl’s message in mind, we would like to dedicate this weekend’s Around the Horn Baseball Classic to the fans. Play ball!

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