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Around the HORN Baseball Classic 2021

This is an Archive of 2021

Thank you to all the coaches, players, volunteers, spectators and everyone else that came out to the inaugural Around the HORN Baseball Classic, June 24-27, 2021. Your passion, integrity and love for the game is what made this event such a huge success.

The Story

“Have you ever met someone that just got baseball? Never had to be taught but just understood the subtle nuances of the game? That was Joe Horn. Joe just got baseball.

One of Joe’s favorite places to be was in the dugout watching his dad, Daryl, coach and his older brother, Jared, play. During one particular game in the summer of 2011, when Joe was 9 and Jared was 14, Joe inquisitively watched the pitching coach call the game from a bucket right outside the dugout. Joe plopped himself down on his own bucket next to this coach and studied every pitch, every swing, and every count. Joe did not forget to call out “let’s go kiiiid,” when appropriate. Noticing how attentively Joe was watching him call pitches the coach, almost jokingly, asked Joe if he wanted to call pitches for the next batter. Without hesitation, Joe responded with an enthusiastic “yep!”

Three pitches later Joe had called a strike-out looking. Joe called pitches for the next batter again with the same result. And so it began…The pitching coach quickly realized that Joe intuitively knew exactly what he was doing. Joe was carefully choosing each pitch based on the batter and the count as if he’d been doing it for years. Joe just got baseball. That day Joe called his first hitless inning. Joe was then invited to call pitches for the rest of the game. Daryl sat back and watched with an enormous sense of pride as his son did what he was born to do. The coach who handed pitch-calling over to Joe has told that story many times over the years. He was amazed that someone as young as Joe could have so much knowledge and confidence in this aspect of the game. This just goes to show how magical the game of baseball can be. Anyone can take the field but only a select few truly get the game of baseball. Joe got baseball.

Both Joe and his father understood, respected, and loved baseball. That is the legacy of Joe and Daryl Horn and thus the inspiration behind the inaugural Around the HORN Baseball Classic. Play baseball with the love and respect that Joe and Daryl brought to the game.”

Now let's look at the photos...

Below are the photos for the Homerun Derby

...and links to pages with per game photos.

And a big thanks to our photographer Rick Manahan.
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